Demystifying cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the Metaverse.

An online cryptocurrency course taught by
Bridget Casey, MBA (Finance).

The Web3 Revolution

Learn how technology is changing and what this means for the future of the internet


Invest in the most profitable and disruptive financial asset


Learn how these digital assets are more than just investments

A complete introduction to the world of crypto

Over the past 5 years, cryptocurrency has gone from an obscure internet fad for geeks and gamers, to one of the most profitable mainstream investments. Worried you missed out? The good news is we’ve barely gotten started.

If you’re interested in investing in cryptocurrency and NFTs but aren’t even entirely sure what those things are, this course is for you. deCryptoFi is the most comprehensive introduction to Web3 finance available. From explaining blockchain technology to setting up a wallet and buying NFTs, I’ve covered everything you need to get invested in the newest frontier of finance.

Here are some of the topics covered in detail:

What exactly is blockchain and what are its applications?
Bitcoin, Ether, and altcoins
How to buy, sell, store, and protect your digital assets
How to buy NFTs
… and more!

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Build a cryptocurrency portfolio
for the future

Cryptocurrency is here to stay, and you need to invest to keep up. I walk you through exactly how to build a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio of stable and alt-coins that positions your to keep pace with an ever-changing area of finance.

Already bored with the stability of Ether and Bitcoin and looking for active trading strategies? I share how to spot alt-coins with potential and how to take advantage of volatility in crypto prices to maximize your investments.

I also provide information on the dark side of cryptocurrency, including its environmental impact and how to avoid ICO scams, so you can better navigate and avoid the risks of investing.

Finally, if you’re interested in NFTs I’ll show you how to set up and fund your wallet so you can go shopping for digital goods.

Course Overview

deCryptoFi is a comprehensive guide to cryptocurrency, blockchain and Web3 technology. I decrypt defi so you can better understand what’s going on, and how to profit from it. Whether you want to make money by investing in cryptocurrency or just want to learn what the heck is going on on, everything you need is here!

The Web3 Revolution
Accessing the Crypto Market
Building a Crypto Portfolio
Managing Crypto Risks
Using Your Crypto

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started investing in cryptocurrency can be an intimidating, so I’m here to answer your questions

What People Are Saying

As always, Bridget does an incredible job of simplifying an otherwise overcomplicated topic. Being that cryptocurrency is still new (to most of us) and it can feel impossible to know what information to trust, she does a great job sharing how to carefully jump into the crypto world without doing so with a blindfold on. I highly recommend this course for anyone who feels out of the loop but wants to get their feet wet and start to learn more about this currency that will absolutely be around for years to come.

I’m not just saying this because I’ve been following Bridget for years, but even if I hadn’t I would be super impressed with the quality and organization of the content. Bridget makes crypto accessible and clear. Though I’m Coast FI now, I do plan on incorporating crypto into my portfolio and this gave me the confidence I needed.

Brenda Olmos

I absolutely loved DeCryptoFi. I learned so much and working in a male dominated industry with lots of crypto-bros, it allowed me to not only enter the conversation and understand it, but also teach them a few things that they didn’t know. The course is incredibly detailed and key concepts are thoroughly explained in a way that is easy to understand.

Catherine Allard

I think this course is great! Awesome course that really made the crypto world so much more accessible. I feel like I actually have a window/frame of reference to explore the strengths & challenges of crypto and some beginnings of Web 3.0. I think my only thing is – I want more! I’d love to have this be part of a series of courses if possible. Everything is accessible and easy.

Kayla Ermantrout

Learn from an expert


About Bridget Casey

Bridget Casey is the award-winning entrepreneur behind Money After Graduation Inc. and The Six-Figure Stock Portfolio. Bridget has been featured as a cryptocurrency expert on CTV and Global News, and is a contributing writer on crypto and blockchain to the Globe & Mail.

Bridget holds a BSc. from the University of Alberta, and an MBA in Finance from the University of Calgary. She is has been featured as a millennial financial expert by Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, CBC and BNN. Bridget was recognized as one of Alberta’s Top Young Innovators in 2016.

Here is what you get

Web3 Rundown

An explanation of what exactly is Web3 and why it matters so much!

Crypto Lingo

A glossary that provides definitions for all the key terms and acronyms in the cryptocurrency space.

Tax Guide

A guide to how your crypto mining, lending, earning, and spending is taxed.

Passive Income

How to use cryptocurrency to create multiple passive income streams.

Your Keys, Your Coins

Security strategies to protect your cryptocurrency from hackers.


Learn how to mint, buy, and sell non-fungible tokens.

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